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Headlight Film Galleries

Lamin-x headlight film covers are available in a variety of options for you to personalize your vehicle with! Each color option serves its own unique purpose, but all our films protect your headlights from becoming cloudy or sandblasted. Click a color option below to see how our customers are using their Lamin-x headlight colored films on their cars or trucks.

Tail Light Film Galleries

Lamin-x tail light film covers are available in a variety of shades! From a light and subtle Tint, and smoke-out Smoked, to a black-out Charcoal. Click a color shade below from our gallery to see how others personalize their vehicle with Lamin-x tail light covers.

Fog Light Film Galleries

Lamin-x fog or driving light film covers are available in a large variety of colors! Yet all our products are impact resistant and protect the lights from rock chips or damage. Click a color below from our gallery to see what Lamin-x looks like on other vehicles. Personalize and style to your own preference.

Customer & Dealer Images on Instagram - #laminx

Click here to view how customers all over the world are using Lamin-x on their cars, trucks and motorcycles.

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