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Prevent hazy lenses with our precut, adhesive-backed film covers. Headlight CoversAvailable in clear and colors. Protect from hazy or cracked fogs with our clear or colored film covers. Fog Light Covers Give your tail lights some style with our various smoke-out films. Tail Light Covers Protect your paint from rock chips
with our precut clear bra protection. Paint Protection
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The Details

Are you ready to upgrade your headlights to create a look of distinction unlike any other? Lamin-x headlight covers are setting a new customizing trend on the aftermarket scene. Not only do these headlight covers look good, but they offer improved protection against the unforgiving road.

At Lamin-x, our high quality transparent lens film is a flexible vinyl material with adhesive backing. It adds a unique look to your headlights while retaining the stock shape. In addition to the added protection you will receive from rocks and other road debris, our headlight covers prevent the hazy, yellow appearance caused by UV radiation and inferior headlight materials. Lamin-x is low maintenance and car wash safe.

The Options

Lamin-x headlight covers come precut for both the left and right sides of your specific vehicle headlamps and fog lamps. Installation tools and instructions are included with all kits. You can choose Clear for invisible protection and/or Color films to add a bold style.

Yellow: Projects a bright yellow light; 12 mils thick
Optic Blue: HID effect, bright white light, with a subtle blue hue; 12 mils thick
Clear: Invisible and strong; Stops yellowing and hazing; 12 mils thick
Tint: Subtle tinted effect for front lighting. Tinted only 7%; 12 mils thick
Gunsmoke: A darker, smoke-out effect for front lighting. Tinted only 12%;12 mils thick

Install Info

Lamin-x protective film can be easily removed without damage to the light or lens. Upon initial application, the film can be pulled back up and reapplied numerous times if not installed correctly. The film and adhesive are forgiving enough for this. Once the film has settled for approximately 48 - 72 hours,

The product is not considered reusable. To remove, warm the film and lift off slowly. If there is any additional adhesive left on the lens, simply rub off with Bug and Tar remover or similar product.