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Headlight Film Covers

Our headlight film covers are made from a high-quality, impact-resistant 12 mil transparent protective film with adhesive-backing. Used to protect your lights from the road debris or cloudiness that occurs over time. We have precut kits for most makes and models that protect both headlights and fog lights. Or you can purchase Universal Sheets for custom installation on nearly any application. Easy to install as the film and adhesive are designed to be extremely pliable and forgiving during installation. So you can apply numerous times during initial application to get the install just right. Our products are 100% Made in USA and we guarantee the quality for 5 years. Select Your Vehicle to Shop

Avoid Cloudiness

Have you noticed all the cloudy looking headlights on the road? Those polycarbonate headlights are deteriorating due the sun's UV rays. This cloudiness significantly diminishes the light output of your headlights to unsafe levels, and also decreases the perceived value of your vehicle. If you want your headlights to keep their original clear and perfect condition then you need to protect them with Lamin-x. Our headlight film not only protects your lights due to having UV inhibitors built into it's composition, but also protects from normal road abuse such as sandblasting and gravel impact. If your headlights are already cloudy, then you can restore them back to normal with headlight restoration kits. However you need to immediately then install Lamin-x to prevent that cloudiness from returning.

For Style

If you're not just about protection, but want your vehicle to be unique then Lamin-x headlight film covers are for you. You can protect AND stylize your headlights with one of our many colors or tints. Choose a light or dark smoke to tone down the headlight look, but still retain excellent light output visibility. Yellow to match endurance race cars, or Blue to produce a bright white light when used on halogen bulbs. Make your car look the way you want it. Lamin-x headlight film covers gives you the power to make your car as unique as the person driving it. View our Color Samples Below
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Color Samples

Available in a variety of colors! Click a color below to see how our customers are using their Lamin-x headlight colored films.

Pre-Cut vs. Universal?

Your classic car's glass lenses are even more likely to be damaged than the newer plastic lenses. Glass lenses are likely to shatter when hit by gravel or rocks. Installing Lamin-x on your sealed beam lights on is your best bet to keep them protected and even add some style to that classic car. Lamin-x Universal Sheet Covers are the perfect solution should you not be able to locate a pre-cut film cover kit for your particular vehicle. The one advantage afforded by our universal sheet covers vs. our pre-cut kits is that during installation it provides a little more film to work with yet in the end you will simply trim off the excess around the edge of the light.