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Add Style with Colored Films

Lamin-x is a transparent protective film that is designed as an exterior lighting accessory. Lamin-x is 12 mils thick with a strong acrylic adhesive backing, and has excellent conformability! Available in four shades of tinted films (light, medium, med-dark, dark) and also six bright colors. Buying Lamin-x bulk rolls gives you the option to wrap more car lights for less cost. See below for our variety of film colors to choose from with a highlight of what each is.
"Great quality, great color, great selection, I like that it's available in a lighter shade than most tints. I would buy an even lighter shade if available. When installing clear on used clear lenses, I definitely recommend having the lenses wet-sanded and polished thoroughly before the intall because the film has a tendency to make blemishes show up that were not noticeable before." - mk3 vw guy

Tint Gunsmoke
Our Lightest Shade
Medium Shade
Smoked Charcoal
Medium-Dark Shade
Darkest Black-Out
Amber Blue
Transparent Orange
Transparent Blue
Green Pink
Transparent Green
Transparent Pink
Red Yellow
Transparent Red
Transparent Yellow

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