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Invisible Bug Guards

The leading edge of your hood receives some of the most damage from road debris. Small nicks in the edge of the hoods paint, along with road tar and bug acid are just some examples of the damage to your vehicle's hood that take place over years of road regular road driving. As with our Clear Bra kits, we are able to offer an invisible layer of protective film that keeps your paint looking new and in pristine condition. Our Invisible Bug Guards are precut for your exact year make and model, and offer up to 12" deep of front end hood protection.

Our paint protection films are made by the world's leading paint protection manufacturers right here in the USA with the latest industry-leading paint protection film technology. This allows us to give you reassurance by providing a 5 year product warranty. All Invisible Bug Guards include installation tools and instructions to assist you with the DIY installation process. Simply select your vehicle from the product finder above and shop for your vehicle's Invisible Bug Guard today!

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