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Universal Sheet Covers

Universal Sheet Film Covers can be used for custom installing Lamin-x onto any sized surface you want to protect and also obtain a personalized style. Using an uncut bulk film allows you to not have to worry about perfect alignment during installation that precuts require, more flexibility with the installation technique, and the custom look you want.
All films still provide you with that long-term protection you need from wear and tear. Just apply and trim to fit. All products include instructions and larger kits include installation tools. 5-year guarantee and 100% Made in the USA.
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Round Covers

If you have some perfectly round auxiliary, aftermarket, driving, or fog lights then here you can find a precut cover to protect and personalize to the exact size of your round lens. Just measure your lens from edge to edge, then choose that size from the dropdown menu. All products come with two sheets to protect two lights. Lamin-x is adhesive-backed for easy peel and stick installation.
Choose from clear for an invisible layer of auxiliary light protection, yellow for the best visibility in foggy or snowy conditions, or one of many other colors or tints for a personalized look and protection.
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Universal Light Bar Covers

We now have precut and universal kits for Light Bars and LED driving lights! This new trend of lighting is fantastic for bold/bright lights. While some manufacturers sell a plastic protective cover; we have found that they are prone to falling off, easy to crack or break, and overall just look like a tacky add-on. Our protective film covers shield and protect the light, while retaining the sleek, stock look.
Choose from clear for an invisible layer of LED protection, yellow for improved visibility in dusty, foggy, or snowy conditions. Our one of many other colored films also allow you to change the light color output of the LED.
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Sealed Beam Covers

Prior to 1985, all headlights were a glass sealed beam light. Here you will find Lamin-x in the typical sizes that are available to fit nearly every make and model from 1984 and older. You will also find some aftermarket replacement lights that replace the sealed beams.
Choose from clear for an invisible layer of sealed beam protection, or one of many colors to customize the look of your lights, and still retaining the impact protection your lights need. All kits are precut for easy peel and stick installation. Lamin-x is 100% Made in USA.
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Paint Protection Products

There are many areas of your vehicle that seem to get scratched, scuffed, chipped, or just plain worn away over time. We have created an assortment of unique products that are universally sized to be custom fitted to those areas that need it.
Made from the same strong protective film material as our clear bras. These invisible film products are designed to protect your paint, but not alter the look of your vehicle. They are 8 mils thick and have a glossy finish. The material is made right here in the USA by the world's leading paint protection manufacturers and backed with a 5-year guarantee!
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Unique Uses
Our strong protective film is designed for protecting headlights and tail lights. However, that doesn't mean it can only be used on cars. It can be used in many other ways including label protection, furniture protection, vibration dampening, window protection and more. Our sister company Ricochet Protects works with customers to find the right protective film for their unique use.

Can't Find Your Size?
Do you have a unique size? We can custom cut pretty much any size. If one of our universal sheet sizes doesn't match what you are looking for, let us know so we can custom cut you whatever size you need.

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Large Scale Manufacturing?
Are you looking for large quantities of rolls, sheets, or precuts? Our capabilities allow us to make anything from small custom orders for any unique need, to a shipping container full of bulk rolls. Contact us if you need a supplier of protective film products.

Phone: 706.955.0677
Mon-Fri 9am to 6pm EST
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