Soft Top Window Repair - Clear 2" x 24" Universal

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Five-Year Warranty
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You can find soft clear windows in many places. Convertible tops on cars, Jeep tops, boats, RV campers, etc... At some point the vinyl window will crack or accidentally get cut. When it does then we have a perfect repair solution to keep the crack/cut from spreading further.

This is a 2" x 24" invisible strip of our 19 mil thickness film that has 3.5 mils of adhesive. Designed to perfectly bond to the clear vinyl plastic of your window. Creating a strong, waterproof seal, that is transparent enough that you won't notice it at a distance. It is a quick and easy peel and stick installation process. This transparent tape will hold the seal for as long as you need and will prevent the crack from spreading further.

Excellent for the soft windows on Jeep Wranglers or Rubicons, Mazda Miata, Mercedes SL500, Ford Mustangs, BMW E30 or Z3, Porsche 911, VW Beetle, Chevrolet Camaro, Corvette, Amigo, Sebring, Samarai, and all boats, RV, or campers with clear windows in their soft tops!
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FAQ How long will it take to get my Lamin-x?
Please allow 1-2 workday's processing time, and at least 2-10 days for delivery after the product has been shipped. You are responsible to make prior arrangement with the carrier if you are not available to receive and sign for the product. Lamin-x is not responsible if the product is verified as delivered with the carrier to the specified address, but you personally did not receive it.

What is your warranty?
We have a Five-Year Warranty on our products. If you want more information please visit our warranty page.

What do I do if I find fogginess, air or water bubbles, surface texture, or scratches after my Lamin-x installation?
Once the film fully cures, most imperfections will disappear completely. After time, small scratches, trapped moisture, and most bubbles will dissipate on their own. However, if you encounter a stubborn bubble, you can poke it with a sewing needle and push out the air or water. The hole will eventually close on its own.

How do I remove the film?
To remove the film, we recommend warming it with a heat gun, hair dryer, or simply by parking the car in the sunlight on a warm day. While the film is warm, slowly peel the film from the plastic surface. Any adhesive that may be left on the lens can be removed with a cleaner that is safe for use on your vehicle's exterior. We recommend using Goo Gone or bug and tar remover.

How to I take care of the film after install?
You can find information on care instructions on our maintenance care page.
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Transparent film that adheres directly onto your soft window

Glossy finish for high-quality look

Universal 2 x 24 sized for a custom fitment

Includes installation instructions

Made in USA, 5-year warranty, industry-leading product