Audi Q5 (18- ) Red Rear Marker Covers

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Lamin-x Audi Q5 (2018, 2019, 2020) Red Rear Marker Film Covers. These red rear marker film covers cover damaged lights or mask the clear or white Rear Markers with a normal bright red color. If you are searching for how to red out my Rear Markers, then this high-quality overlay product is the perfect solution.

Our products are made from high quality, adhesive-backed protective film that applies like an overlay directly onto the light. The films special adhesive allows for very forgiving installation. You can apply numerous times upon initial application to get it just right, and it can be easily removed in the future. Each kit is pre-cut to fit both the left and right Rear Markers.
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Transparent film that adheres onto your Rear Marker lenses

Glossy finish for high-quality look

Precut for both sides of your specific vehicle

Includes DIY tools and installation instructions

Made in USA, 5-year warranty, industry-leading product