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Prevent Cloudy Headlights

Have you noticed all the cloudy, hazy headlights on the road? Those headlights are breaking down from the sun's UV rays and causing them to yellow. This is dangerous for visibility as light output greatly diminishes if left to breakdown more over time.

Lamin-x headlight film covers are the perfect preventative solution for keeping your headlights looking brand new for many years.

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headlight testimonial

"The pre-cut headlight tint was extremely easy to install and it completed the look I wanted for this car.  The headlight film looks great and has always kept the lenses protected on road trips."


Protecting Your Lights From UV Rays

Just install this layer of our protective film to not only protect from the harmful UV rays, but also from normal road abuse such as sandblasting and gravel impact. Available in pre-cut kits for your specific vehicle or universal sheets for a custom installation. With every headlight film cover purchase comes with installation tools and instructions for you to have a successful installation.

Style Your Headlights

If you're not just about protection, but want your vehicle to be unique, Lamin-x tinted headlight film covers are for you. You can style your headlights in one of our many colors or tints, so your car is personalized just the way you want. Lamin-x headlight film gives you the ability to make your car as unique as the person driving it. Pair our headlight film covers with our tail light tint and fog light tint, to make your car really stand out from the crowd.

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