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door handle cup guard

Door Handle Cup Protection

Stop Scratches From Rings and Keys
One of the most prone areas to get scratched and scuffed from keys or fingernails is your door cup area. You can now prevent and stop that scuffing and scratching by protecting the paint with our Door Cup Paint Protection.
rear bumper guard

Rear Bumper Guards

Protect Your Hatch Or Trunk Lip
Every time you load something into your trunk, you run the risk of damaging the paint on your rear bumper. You can now prevent and stop scratches with our Rear Bumper Guards.
invisible bug guard

Invisible Bug Guard

Guard Against Rock Chips and Bug Acid
The leading edge of your hood receives some of the most damage from road debris. Our Invisible Bug Guards are designed to protect up to 12" on the front of your hood.
clear bra

Clear Bras

Protect Your Bumper, Hood, Mirrors and More
Your beautiful car needs beautiful paint. To protect your car's paint from rock chips and keep it looking new, use Lamin-x Clear Bras. Our clear bra kits gives your vehicle an invisible layer of protection from rocks, paint chips, salt, and acidic bug residue.
a-pillar and cab-top

A-Pillar and Cab Top Protection

Two Vulnerable Areas Protected In One Kit
Two of the more abused areas on your car are the a-pillars and cab tops. These areas right around your wind shield take a ton of abuse. Protect them with Lamin-x paint protection.
Rocker Panel and Wheel Arch Guards

Rocker Panel and Wheel Arch Guards

Protects From Mud and Dirt
Where ever you go, your vehicle kicks up dirt and debris onto its own rocker panels and wheel arches. The best way to protect those easily damaged areas is to apply our paint protection kits.
door edge guard

Door Edge Guard

Keep Your Door Edges Looking New
Chipping of the paint on your door edges will happen over time with constant opening of doors into things. Stop this atrocity and protect this edge with our Door Edge Guards!
roof rack guard

Roof Rack Guard

A Must Have With Any Roof Rack
For you enthusiasts that have a roof or bumper mounted bike, canoe, ski, snowboard, or luggage rack, our Roof Rack Guard is a perfect solution to keep the fragile paint under the rack mounts looking nice.
door sill guard

Door Sill Guard

Protects From Boots, Heels, and Animal Claws
Protect your car door sills from your daily life. Whether you are out in the town, getting off of work, taking your dog for a ride, you can rest easy knowing your door sills are protected.

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