A-Pillars & Cab Top

A-Pillars And Cab Top Paint Protection

One Kit To Protect Two Vulnerable Areas

Made In USA
Five-Year Warranty

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Protecting Your A-Pillars And Cab Top

The a-pillars and cab top on your vehicle are located in just the right spots to get damaged by rocks and road debris. The reason why they are so likely to get damaged is because they face the front of the road just like your hood and bumper. If you use Lamin-x A-pillar and Cab Top protection, you can stop the damage from occurring.

How Lamin-x A-Pillar and Cab Top Paint Protection Protects

Lamin-x A-pillar and Cab Top protection film protects your paint from dents and nicks by creating a thin layer of protection to stop damage from projectiles from the road. Our protective film creates a clear protective layer to keep your a-pillars and cab top in pristine condition. Any projectile from the road that gets high enough can cause nicks or scratches on the paint. Keep the paint on your precious car looking brand new with Lamin-x paint protection for your a-pillars and cab top.