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Protect Your Products

Your products or equipment may have unique wear and tear problems that produce quality control or maintenance cost challenges. Use Lamin-x long-term surface protection films and tapes for many different wear needs. Prevent those future costly issues! UV stable, impact resistant, and designed to last many years, our products help improve your products.

Our customers have used Lamin-x as; a strong over-laminate for labels or tags, lexan and glass protection, impact barrier between metal surfaces to stop vibration/rattles, protecting paint or finishes on equipment, on lighting to stop sand-blasting and also protect from UV radiation breakdown, high-end art projects, and more...

Custom Manufacturing Solutions

Our sales team work directly with you to determine which of our various products will best meet your technical specifications. You can then make use of our capabilities in allowing us to create solutions utilizing our core products for your protection needs.

Do you require precise die-cut shapes? Our flat-bed cutting technology can create accurate computer-cut designs on small or large batches. Do you need large lengths of material or will be doing your own die-cutting? Our laminating, slitting, and re-wind technology are used to create rolls of our surface protection products for you in most widths and lengths that your solution requires.

The Best Benefits for Success

Providing solutions with the most benefits

  • In-house Design Engineers to develop precision precuts
  • Finished products can be installed by your own staff or customers
  • Protecting surfaces from wear and tear or providing optical color changes
  • Volume-based manufacturing with quick processing times
  • Dedicated dealer account rep based here in the United States to support you

About Lamin-x Protective Films Products

All products are manufactured and supported 100% here in the USA. Lamin-x protective films are technologically designed to protect surfaces from wear and tear with self-healing technology.

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