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Products with Versatility

Lamin-x protects metal, plastic, laminates, glass, & more with a heavy-duty transparent surface protection film tape. Choose from clear gloss (many thicknesses), colored gloss, clear matte, & glass protection films & tapes. All designed to protect surfaces in your most demanding applications.

Custom Manufacturing Solutions

We are a solutions-based company with a goal to help you solve all of your surface protection problems. Our tapes protect from scratches, scuffing, vibrations, or normal wear & tear. Excellent for painted surfaces, labels, metal, plastics, lexan, polycarbonate, glass, & other surfaces.

If you require custom designs for your surface protection needs, then our design team can assist with developing a precise computer-cut pattern. These patterns are designed to work with our protective film products.

The Best Benefits for Success

Providing solutions with the most benefits

  • In-house Design Engineers to develop precision precuts
  • Finished products can be installed by your own staff or customers
  • Protecting surfaces from wear and tear or providing optical color changes
  • Volume-based manufacturing with quick processing times
  • Dedicated dealer account rep based here in the United States to support you

About Lamin-x Protective Films Products

All products are manufactured and supported 100% here in the USA. Lamin-x protective films are technologically designed to protect surfaces from wear and tear with self-healing technology.

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