Lamin-x Clear Bra Application Gel - 1 pint

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One US pint of concentrated Lamin-x Application Gel. Note: This is NOT pre-mixed or diluted. Our Application Gel is a custom formulated water-soluble gel. Designed to temporarily suspend the tack of pressure-sensitive adhesives during the initial application process. It also minimizes the appearance of air bubbles during installation. Use this application gel as part of a total liquid solution. Use with installing products such as; paint protection film or graphics.

Only 2oz of Lamin-x Application Gel is needed as part of a solution in a 16 oz spray bottle. Providing 8 use of a 16oz spray solution.
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What isthe difference between Lamin-x Clear Bra kits and other paint protection/clearbra products I find?
Our clear bra kits are of the exact same material with high-quality, strength,and warranty that you will find elsewhere. We focus on providing these high-quality clear bra kits at a great pricefor you DIY customers or professional installers that have the ability toinstall them successfully.

Can I install the paint protection myself?

Due to each kits size, complexity, and general PITA factor, the clearbra kits are best installed by professionals. However, it can be done by thosecustomers who are mechanically inclined, patient, and have an extra person forhelp with handling the large pieces of film. We include website videos, installationinstructions, and application tools with your order. If problems or questions arise during yourinstallation, you can contact us at 706-955-0677 our customer serviceassociates would be happy assist you.

If I have the film installed by a professional, how much will it cost?
The cost for installation varies per shop. Since each shop has their own rates and will install at differentspeeds, it is difficult to estimate installation cost. Make sure to contactyour local dealers to get a quote for the install before purchasing orinstalling.

How long will it take to get my Lamin-x?
Precut orders are custom manufactured for you at time of ordering.Please allow 2-4 workday's processing time, and at least 2-10 days for deliveryafter the product has been shipped. You are responsible to make priorarrangement with the carrier if you are not available to receive and sign forthe product. Lamin-x is not responsible if the product is verified as deliveredwith the carrier to the specified address, but you personally did not receiveit.

What is your warranty?
We have a Five-Year Warranty on our products. If you want more informationplease visit our warranty page

What do I do if I find fogginess, air or water bubbles, surface texture, orscratches after my Lamin-x installation?
Once the film fully cures, most imperfections will disappear completely. Aftertime, small scratches, trapped moisture, and most bubbles will dissipate ontheir own. However, if you encounter a stubborn bubble, you can poke it with asewing needle and push out the air or water. The hole will eventually close onits own.

How do I remove the film from my paint?
To remove the film, we recommend warming it with a heat gun, hair dryer, orsimply by parking the car in the sunlight on a warm day. While the film iswarm, slowly peel the film from the paint surface. Any adhesive that may beleft on the paint can be removed with a cleaner that is safe for use on yourvehicle's exterior. We recommend usingGoo Gone or bug and tar remover.

How to I take care of the film after install?
You can find information on care instructions on our maintenance care page.

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Designed to assist with the installation of Clear Bras.