Clear Bras

Motorcycle Paint Protection

Protect All Your Motorcycle's Paint

Made In USA
Five-Year Warranty

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Motorcycle Clear Bras

Keep your bike's paint looking brand new, by using the same paint protection film that is used on millions of cars to protect the paint from normal road abuse. This strong and invisible film apply's directly onto the paint and prevents chipping, scratches, and scuffs.

Installing Your Paint Protection

Our Full Paint Protection kits are pre-cut into individual pieces for your exact bike and protect the fairings, tank, and fenders. Due to the smaller surface areas on a motorcycle, our clear bra kits can be successfully installed by good DIY'ers. We provide you with installation tools, kit diagrams, and instructions to assist you with the installation process. Our paint protection films are made by the world's leading paint protection manufacturers right here in the USA with the latest industry-leading paint protection film technology and come with a 5-year guarantee. Just select your year, make and model bike from the above product finder and order today!

Be sure to pair this with our Motorcycle Headlight Film Covers for complete surface protection.