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Protection Packages with a Profit

Begin with our “Wear and Tear” Paint Protection Package of products on every vehicle that can use it. This package includes our Door Handle Cup Guards, Door Edge Guards, and a Rear Bumper Guard to protect painted surfaces from scratches or wear.

Our optional Headlight or Fog Light Covers protect lenses from turning yellow/hazy over time.

These packages are cost-effective for customers, and a low per-vehicle cost for you. Easy installations that can be performed by your internal staff to yield a high-margin profit.

Our Goal is Your Success

We strive to offer the most benefits as your paint protection product supplier that also serves to benefit your customers

  • Precut to fit your vehicle makes and models
  • Excellent discounted pricing rates with bulk pricing available to maximize profitability
  • Can be installed by your own staff
  • Preserve factory appearances of your inventory both pre and post sale
  • Add value to your standard new car/truck offering
  • Help CSI ratings as paint protection products can minimize customer complaints
  • Dedicated dealer account rep based here in the United States to support you

About Lamin-x Paint Protection Products

All of our products are manufactured and supported 100% here in the USA.

Our paint protection products are manufactured from the world’s highest rated films in the market and are technologically designed to protect a car, truck, or SUV paint from damage caused by rocks, road debris, tar, bugs, or wear.

Comprised of self-healing and anti-staining properties, your customers can expect to receive superior & dependable protection from Lamin-x products.

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