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Yellow Headlights Since the 80's

Yellow Headlight Films have been serving the endurance racing industry since the 90's. Our film help teams meet the yellow light output requirements and protects those expensive lenses from racing’s highly abusive environment. However, those yellow headlight covers are just the start of the assortment of "investment-protecting" products that Lamin-x makes for the entire racing industry.

Clear Headlight Covers

If you don’t need a yellow light output, then our clear film is the best product for retaining the original light output and protecting the lens at the same time.

LED Light Bar Covers

We have a variety of universal DIY sizes to protect standard "off-the-shelf" LED auxiliary lights. Excellent for the offroading industry.

Roll Cage Tube Protection

Roll cage tubes take a lot of abuse. Keep those painted roll cages looking nice and new! Bonus: You can also use this same product to protect your pit equipment!

Trackside Repair Tape

Use our Trackside Repair Tape for quick repairs to the body work in the pit lane that holds it all together, yet transparent to retain the sponsor logo visibility!

About Lamin-x Protection Products

All products are 100% manufactured and supported in the USA. Lamin-x protective films are technologically designed to protect surfaces from wear and tear with self-healing technology.

Pro Level Discounts

Whether you are road-racing or off-road racing, professional-level racing teams are eligible for discount rates. Contact us today for more info!

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