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Made In USA
Five-Year Warranty

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Rack-Worthy Accessories

Are an accessory shop or auto-parts store and looking for some unique products that customers would love? We have an assortment of DIY universal products that are perfect for customers to buy right off the rack or shelf. All that are affordable for your customers and profitable for you.

From Headlight and Fog Light Covers to Door Edge Guards. Our products are designed to protect your vehicle from wear and tear.

We include DIY instructions and tools (if needed) for your customers to have a successful installation and complete satisfaction.

The Best Benefits for Success

We strive to offer the most benefits for both you and your customers

  • Easy Peel n Stick for DIY installation
  • Excellent discounted pricing rates with bulk pricing available to maximize profitability
  • Protecting surfaces from wear and tear or providing optical color changes
  • Universally sized kits to fit most makes and models
  • Dedicated dealer account rep based here in the United States to support you

Quality Made in the USA

All of our films are 100% made in the USA. Designed with the highest level of quality and performance. We even provide a 5-year product guarantee!

Lamin-x films are pliable enough to install onto difficult shapes, yet with a strong adhesive that is forgiving enough to help you get the installation right.

Use our website to determine the difficulty of an install for nearly any vehicle, then price the labor accordingly so that you are always profitable.

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