Roll Cage Protection - Teaser 4" x 15'

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Roll cages in a racecar or roll bars in track cars take a lot of scratching and scuffing abuse from drivers, equipment, tools, harnesses, camera mounts, etc... Professional raceteams and us particular owners want to keep our expensive cars looking clean and professional looking at all times. This clean and professional look includes keeping the roll cage or roll bar looking excellent too. We have the perfect solution!

Our Teaser Roll Cage Protection kit is a 4 in x 15 ft (10 cm x 4.57 m) invisible layer of a protective film that applies directly onto the roll tube. This is our high-strength and high quality 8 mil thick paint protection film that is completely invisible after its applied. This 15' kit is the perfect length to protect the most important tubes of roll cage or complete roll bar with only an additional 3.75 oz (107 grams) weight!

Just measure the area you want to protect, trim that length from the roll, mist the tube, and squeegee the film on. Easy DIY install!
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Tools Required:
- Plastic Squeegee (wrap with lint-fee towel)
- Spray bottle with a few drops of baby shampoo and filled with clean water
- Lint free towels
- Measuring tape

To Install:
1. Measure the length of the tube you would like to protect

2. Cut the desired length of material from the supplied roll of protective film

3. Clean the tube thoroughly. Be sure to remove all dust, dirt, and debris with any non-acidic cleaner

4. Remove liner from film while spraying the adhesive side with application solution. Soaking wet will yield the best results

5. Evenly position the film onto the tube. The solution will allow you to slide the film around for perfect positioning

6. Spray the outside of the film for a lubrication layer. This will help the squeegee easily slide along the film

7. Use the squeegee to press the solution out from under the film. Start from the center of the film, working your way to the outside edge. Try to use firm, smooth, and even strokes as it will help remove any trapped water. If you do have some trapped moisture, you may be able to pull the film back up for reapplication. Be careful though as weakened, damaged, or ill-prepared paint on the tube can flake off. If this could be possible, pierce the bubble with a sewing needle and press the moisture out the hole. The small puncture will heal back up over time

8. When you are finished, use a lint-free towel to clean the area

9. Begin the installation process again on the other tubes you would like to protect

10. Maintain by washing with non-acidic soap and water. Wax occasionally to retain the films appearance and clean off difficult stains