Sealed Beam Covers

Sealed BeamLight Film Covers

For Glass Sealed Beam and After Market Lights

Made In USA
Five-Year Warranty
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Sealed Beam Covers

Prior to 1985, all headlights were a glass sealed beam light with the bulb integrated into the headlight. Here you will find Lamin-x in the regular size sealed beams that are available to fit nearly every make and model from 1984 and older. You will also find some aftermarket replacement lights that replace the classic sealed beams with either LED's, HID, or even Halogen but absent of the alignment nipples. If you cannot locate the exact dimensions of your round or circle light, then shop in our Round Light Covers dropdown.

You can choose from clear film for an invisible layer of protection on your sealed beams, or one of many colors and shades of tint/smoked to customize the look of your lights while still retaining the desired impact protection. All kits are precut for easy peel and stick installation. Lamin-x comes with a 5-year guarantee and 100% Made in USA.